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Organizations often struggle with the digitization of their sales and marketing organization. One answer to this is e-commerce, but in B2B only about 30% of orders are fully online. The majority is (still) via remote sales or offline via the account manager. Because it often involves complex orders or large numbers, there is still a need for human contact and personal advice. Propeller integrates all online and offline sales channels within one platform.

Customers want maximum freedom of choice: they choose when they buy in person, remotely, or via e-commerce. Of course, they want to be helped properly and quickly. They require 24/7 availability, maximum insight into stocks and the ordering process, and ultimate convenience with digital self-service. With our commerce platform, you create a seamless omnichannel buying experience for your customers and give your company a head start.

Propeller is the first commerce platform that delights not only the customer, but also sales, marketing, and developers. Sales Accelerated Commerce breaks the silos between marketing and sales and optimizes and streamlines the sales process of organizations with maximum digital support. With our integrated platform, sales and marketing can reinforce each other instead of competing. For example, with the help of relevant customer data, sales can set up very targeted and personalized campaigns for customers via the platform. Marketing can thus focus on branding and campaigns for the entire customer base.

In short: the sales force and marketing become more productive. Because many repetitive, time-consuming low-end tasks are now done digitally, there is more time for high-end services. Account managers have more time to step into the advisory role and add real value.

Propeller believes in the omnichannel sales approach and wants to support sales departments as best as possible with the help of digital tooling. For example, through the use of Artificial Intelligence, Sales Playbooks, and Data Analytics and Insights. In this way, our customers can better serve their customers and also facilitate better cross-selling. Now is the time for B2B sales organizations to reinvent themselves and offer customers a B2C experience.


Seamless B2B Buying

Clients move freely between sales reps and a personal portal. Account managers have all the data at hand to create personalized quotes and recommend better solutions.

The online portal offers repeat orders, a tailored assortment, and managed authorizations.

omnichannel sales

Zero-touch Ordering

Sales Accelerated Commerce (SAC) reduces human actions to a minimum. Due to the digitization of order and invoicing processes, manual administrative actions are reduced to zero. This prevents many errors in the order and invoicing process.

less manual processes

Digital Self-service Portals

Digital Self-service Portals give your customer the opportunity to be in contact with your organization 24/7. Let your customer not only use the portal for simple orders, but also use the portal to inform your customer about new products. You can easily post manuals and how-to videos here. Moreover, you can also offer all your other services here. These time-consuming tasks are currently facilitated by your inside sales.

digital self-service portals by propeller

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