retailer order flow by propeller

(R)E-tailers and distributors

Develop product feeds and import orders with Propeller’s API-first platform.

Share product information real-time with (R)E-tailers, distributors and end customers

Automatically upload the most recent product information via the API product feed. From the PIM to the webshop of resellers. So immediately visible to end customers. Make adjustments in real-time.

  • Product information is always up to date
  • You and your customers have direct insight into stocks
  • Unlimited amount of products
SBI and propeller

Automatically book orders from the webshop of the (r)e-tailer or distributor

Make the API order import function available to resellers who place a lot of orders on a daily basis. Directly from their webshop. Or via a CSV file. Convenience for everyone. No more manual actions and errors.

  • Automatic order import from webshop resellers
  • Fault-tolerant order process
  • Ship directly to end customer
mach api first approach propeller e-commerce

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