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Use the pricing strategy that best suits you, your products and your customers.


Flexible and complete pricing functionalities

You need different pricing options for your B2B customers than for B2C customers. Propeller offers you all the tools to tailor prices exactly to your target groups. Based on rules you have drawn up, you set prices for your customers, customer groups, departments, and special promotions.

Your business customers only see the prices that you have agreed to in their portal. At each level of your catalog you can manage your prices: for the total assortment, per category or subcategory, or per Stock Keeping Unit (SKU).

This offers you maximum freedom to experiment with finding the right pricing per product-market combination.

Your sales team also uses this extensive pricing functionality when preparing quotes in Propeller. The sales professional sees the agreed prices in the Quote Editor and can decide to give a discount on that basis.

A ‘Special Price’ option is available for high-volume quotes.

pricing module propeller

Pricing Features

Customer specific pricing

Creating a specific pricing plan for each customer would be a boost to customer loyalty to your store.

Campaign pricing

Specify pricing rules for unique campaigns with a from and end date

Bulk pricing

Set bulk prices, discounts and costprices on products

Price lists

Apply a set of fixed prices for a customer or group of customers

Special pricing

Use different prices for large orders

Discount exceptions

Set discount exceptions on product ranges for your customers and customer groups (costprice plus or saleprice minus or no discount)

Catalog discount

Set catalog discounts for all your type of customers and customer groups

Multi currency

The customer can pay in whatever currency he is used to.

Customer story

Kaak Group: After Sales Services excellence

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Kaak product
"With Propeller we found a platform that delivers 95% of our requirements as standard and a partner that has extensive experience with complexity." Marcus van Es E-commerce Manager
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Propeller connects with all relevant systems (internal and external)

A truly successful B2B Commerce platform is the center of your ecosystem. Propeller connects to almost any relevant system. Whether it is your ERP, your warehouse or systems of your suppliers, Payment Service Providers (PSPs) or marketplaces.

Propeller is built to handle the complexity of integrations and automates manual processes. So that everything works streamlined and error-free.

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