Propeller commerce with Infor integration

We connect our Propeller commerce platform to the Infor software. This allows you to work more efficiently and accurately in the field of invoicing, orders, stock management, planning, and production.

Infor & Propeller

Product information that is always synchronized with your accounting, automatically updated customer data in Infor and orders that simply enter your ERP.

The Infor integration with Propeller takes care of it.

Integration customers

Thanks to the Propeller webshop integration with Infor you always have an up-to-date customer relationship file. Always up-to-date or only when the customer orders something.

Integration products

The Infor  integration refreshes your complete catalog one or more times a day and delivers it – according to the strict requirements of Infor- to your accounting package.

Integration orders

With a simple action you send the complete order from Propeller to your Infor ERP. From your own warehouse or through your supplier.

Integration invoices

You can do your accounting in Infor. Thanks to the integration, the order becomes available as a sales invoice in Infor as soon as the customer has placed the order in the webshop

A Infor integration with your webshop ensures flexible entrepreneurship

Propeller automatically and real-time exchanges data from the webshop with your Infor package. By bundling these two packages you enjoy the best of both worlds. The commercial strength of Propeller and the financial strength of Infor.

Kaak group data-driven selling propeller

ERP features

Commercial Product Data

Manageable data that contains all the relevant product attributes for each unique, marketable product in your inventory.

Customer specific pricing

Creating a specific pricing plan for each customer would be a boost to customer loyalty to your store.

One Click Reordering

Any previous order can be reordered with just a single click on a button.

Personalized B2B Catalogs

Provide a positive and personal website experience by showing different catalogs depending on the customer groups. Personalize your catalogs for each specific company or business unit.


Sales accelerated Commerce

seamless B2B buying

Seamless B2B buying

Your customers order simple orders themselves online. They can contact the sales team for advice on more complex questions and large orders. Quotes are then jointly handled digitally.

  • Customers place online orders themselves
  • Large quotations are handled digitally together with sales reps
  • And for complex orders, the built-in configurator is used

The total order processing – simple, large, complex – can be digitized. No more data silos. But built-up intelligence for up- & cross-sell and personalized marketing and sales campaigns. Sales are now not only more productive but also more effective.

zero-touch ordering for B2B and D2C

Zero-touch Ordering

When a customer places orders, with or without the help of your sales team, they are processed in a fully digitized manner. Not only for the sales process but also for the entire purchasing process.

  • No more administrative actions required for sales and purchasing processes
  • Links with all surrounding systems ( Infor ERP, CRM, Services Tickets, Engineer Planning)
  • Automated purchasing from own stock and/or from distributors

Not only administrative actions will be reduced to zero. The number of incorrect orders will also decrease significantly. In short, cost savings go hand in hand with greater customer satisfaction.

digital self-service portals

Digital Self-service Portals

Your customers will have access to their own personalized portal. Not only convenient to place orders, but also the place to be able to perform many service activities.

  • They can easily (re) order, make favorites lists, or place orders via OCI
  • But also tap to view invoices, contracts, and printer usage
  • And log service tickets, register returns, or schedule a service engineer

Because your customers know how to find their way blindly, your sales department is free to work on real customer challenges.

What challenges do you have for us?