kritische applicaties in propeller

Critical Applications

Bring all data together with one connected commerce back-end

Work effortlessly with ERP & CRM systems

Propeller is an API-first commerce platform. Integrations with ERP and CRM are robust with these APIs. The integration itself is quick and easy.

  • Integrate any desired ERP and/or CRM
  • Easy to expand and customize
  • Use the data from different systems for marketing

Provides customers with useful 3rd party applications

Also unlock other services for your customer via your portals. Service tickets, RMA, a scheduler for service technicians. Let your customers reach all their services in your digital self-service portal.

  • A consistent and pleasant user experience for your customers
  • 360 degree view of your customer
  • All data is available for your customer and your organization
3rdparty software in propeller

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