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Sales Portal (B2B)

Making quotes faster and easier with digital tools for the sales and services organization.

Use all information from ERP, CRM and PIM

Kick-start new quotations with the import of customer data & prices from linked systems. No more data silos. Synchronize orders and quotes with CRM and ERP. Enrich orders and quotations with product information from the PIM.

  • Cross- and upsell suggestions
  • All customer-specific prices in hand
  • No duplication of work due to synchronization with CRM & ERP

Digitize offline orders in an instant

Use the order editor to digitize orders by mail, telephone, or in-person quickly and easily. Confirm orders with the push of a button via email and in the customer portal.

  • Process orders quickly and error-free
  • Know what your customer is doing: always insight into all online & offline orders
  • Sales and Marketing work hand in hand

From now on, handle quotations digitally

Easily digitize quote requests that come in by mail, telephone, or in-person. Request approval for an extra discount. Prevent errors by always presenting the latest configuration, bill of material, and prices in the customer portal.

  • Create quotes easily and fast
  • Digitize approval process for extra discount
  • Always collaborate with customers in the latest digital version

Immediate insight into the status of quotations and orders

Keep a grip on online quote requests, outstanding quotes, and orders through clear status overviews. View order & quotation history to offer the optimal price.

  • Overview of outstanding offers
  • Total overview of online & offline orders and quotations
  • Access to order and quotation history to determine correct prices

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